About Us

We are a small Self - Improvement Centre based in West Sussex. Pretty much all of us experience stress or unwanted emotions that weigh us down.   With many years of consulting and counselling experience, we provide effective help for a wide array of personal and relationship difficulties through counselling, courses and self - help books.  We use the proven techniques of Dianetics and Scientology to help you live a more vibrant, fulfilling and happier life.

Yvette Kloss:

Executive Director

Yvette’s a Kiwi living in West Sussex UK with her husband of 13 years, her son and twin daughters.   Yvette is an experienced personal consultant and has worked in self-help and development for 20 years.

“ I am very passionate about helping people get back in control of their lives.  I love assisting individuals gain confidence and fulfil their true potential, in turn this effects their relationships with others, work, family and other areas of life they are involved in.  It’s like a knock on effect.  You can do various programs at New Path Centre.  We offer personal counselling and courses on self-development.  Whatever you want assistance on New Path Centre provides a friendly safe environment.”

Neil Lemon:

Professional Counsellor

Dianetics counsellor Neil Lemon has been helping artists, business professionals, mums and dads, young adults and kids for over 25 years with life changing results. Neil is also an experienced Drug Prevention Specialist, lecturing to thousands of kids about the effects of drugs and the importance of going for their goals.

As Neil says, “With such a brilliant technique which utilises natural abilities to erase pain and convert it to happiness, I have found great satisfaction in helping people let go of traumas, persistent physical or emotional pains and recurring dramas to find real relief and resilience. It is possible to improve one’s well being without taking drugs. A person may experience life-changing results in a short period of time and improve their outlook on life.”

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